The Unfortunate Connection Between Pumpkin Spice and Home Fires

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The Unfortunate Connection Between Pumpkin Spice and Home Fires

As we welcome the cooler weather and fall season, it’s tempting to fill our homes with the delightful scent of pumpkin spice and apple pie candles. However, many homeowners may not realize the potential danger of these candles. Fall-scented candles can unintendedly increase your odds of a home fire, especially if you’re not careful. In this blog post, we’ll explore the reasons why pumpkin spice and fall scent candles are potential hazards and what you can do to enjoy the fall season safely.

1. Increased Candle Usage
During the fall season, we tend to use candles more frequently to add a cozy ambiance to our homes. Due to the additional usage, it’s essential to remain vigilant when it comes to fire safety. Ensure your candles are securely placed and never leave them unattended. Additionally, check the wax quality before placing your pumpkin spice and fall scent candles throughout your home.

2. Flammable Materials
Fall decorations may be beautiful and festive, but many of them can be highly flammable. Some common fall decorations include dried leaves and hay, pinecones, and cornstalks. Make sure to keep your candles away from these materials to prevent any accidental fires. When decorating with pumpkins and other gourds, consider using battery-powered candles instead.

3. Electrical Cords and Outlet Overloads
It’s not just candles that pose a hazard during the fall season. Halloween and holiday decorations often require additional electrical cords, which can quickly lead to outlet overloads. Overloading electrical outlets is a potential fire risk, especially if the cords are frayed or damaged. Always be sure to handle your electrical cords with care and never overload a single outlet.

4. Smoke Detectors and Fire Extinguishers
To stay safe during the fall season, make sure you have working smoke detectors throughout your home. It’s also essential to have a fire extinguisher on hand, especially in areas where flammable materials or candles are regularly used. Be sure to test your smoke detectors at least once a month and replace batteries as needed.

5. Alternative to Scented Candles
If you’re looking for a safer alternative to pumpkin spice and fall scent candles, consider using essential oils. Essential oils are a natural and healthy way to add fragrance to your home. You can use diffusers, make your own linen sprays, or add a few drops to your cleaning products to give your home a fresh, autumnal scent.

As you decorate your home this fall, keep in mind the potential hazards of pumpkin spice and fall scent candles. By taking a few simple precautions, you can continue to enjoy the seasonal scents without risking your family’s safety. Remember to handle any flammable materials with care, never plug too many items into a single outlet, and always have smoke detectors and fire extinguishers available. Let’s keep our homes safe and cozy this fall season! Fall is also the perfect time to make sure that your Home Owners Insurance policy covers all of the potential cold seasonal hazards. Contact a BWO Rep to go over your coverages.

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