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The Most Common Insurance Claims in the Fall

Fall marks the start of brisk weather, the onset of various seasonal diseases, and a change in nature’s color. As you take in the sights and sounds of this colorful season, it’s essential to remind ourselves that Fall also triggers an increase in insurance claims. We are referring to insurance claims related to property damages, car accidents, and slips and falls, among others. From homeowners to businesses, everyone is susceptible to experiencing fall-related risks. But how can we prepare for these risks? In this blog post, we will discuss the most common insurance claims in the fall and provide tips on how to prepare for them.

Property damages caused by fallen trees and leaves – In most regions, fall storms can lead to severe property damage, such as fallen trees and branches. If you’re a homeowner, it’s essential to trim trees and remove any dead branches to avoid property damage during heavy rains or strong winds. A clean gutter can also help prevent water damage by moving water away from your home’s foundation. You might also want to ask your insurance company if you are covered for fallen leaves on your property.

Car Accidents – Heavy rainfall, shorter daylight hours, wet leaves, and roads covered with fallen leaves can make fall a risky season to drive. It’s vital to stay safe on the road by driving slowly, keeping a safe distance, and ensuring that your car is in good working condition. Check that your brakes and tires have enough grip to work in wet conditions. You can also consider purchasing comprehensive auto insurance that covers damages caused by fallen debris, hail, floods, or other weather-related incidents.

Water Damage – Fall storms can wreak havoc on your property’s foundation and lead to flooding. It’s essential to take preventive measures such as cleaning gutters regularly, sealing any cracks in your home’s foundation, and water-proofing the basement. Confirm with your home insurance company if water damage is included in the policy so that you can add any additional coverage if needed.

Slip and Fall Accidents – Wet leaves can make walking and driving on the sidewalks, parking lots, and roads hazardous. To prevent slip and fall accidents, clear any slippery spots near your home or workplace, have enough lighting in your environment, and make sure that your stairs and sidewalks are non-skid.

Home Fires – Heating devices such as fireplaces, space heaters, and boilers are essential for keeping your home warm during the fall season, but they can also be a risk factor. Make sure you have smoke alarms installed on every level of your home – both inside and outside your sleeping areas. You can also reduce the risk of fire by making sure your heating equipment is in good condition, using it appropriately, and not leaving it unattended.

The fall season brings with it a lot of risks that can lead to property damage or personal injury. However, with the right preparation measures, you can prevent insurance claims and reduce risks. Make sure to clean gutters, trim trees, seal any cracks in your property’s foundation, get a comprehensive auto insurance, and keep your home or workplace free of slippery hazards. Also, don’t forget to contact your BWO insurance rep to update your coverage, as needed. By practicing these simple guidelines, you can enjoy the fall season without worrying about insurance claims.

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