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Businesses need commercial auto insurance to protect themselves from the many different risks associated with having a vehicle that is used for business. There are three basic types of coverage: Liability, Physical Damage (which covers damages caused by other people), and Trucking/Specialty Coverage which protects your investment in terms on how you use it! The right kind can save time when dealing specifically with fleets, trucks, cars or motorcycles.

Contact BWO Insurance today to get a free quote and learn about your options for commercial auto insurance that can protect your business from property loss and liability claims…and fit your budget

An insurance policy for your business can be a complicated thing. But at BWO Insurance, we have you covered with our Business Owners Policy that provides the perfect mix of protection and value – just what every small- to medium sized enterprise needs! So if disaster strikes or something goes wrong in this volatile world it comes down to protecting yourself from potential losses as well as keeping up good records so claims don’t piling onto already stressful situations; no one knows them better than us

Insuring your business is a smart move. A Business Owners Policy provides several important coverage protections for: buildings, personal property and liability risks associated with running the company day-to-day to tangible losses. These can be devastating to any small or medium sized enterprise (SME), so it’s crucial that you get a Business Owners Policy customized accordingly. Contact us at BWO Insurance today if interested in getting a quote.
Commercial General Liability insurance protects you and your business from potential claims against any injuries or property damages that might occur in the course of operating a commercial enterprise. Identifying risks is something BWO has plenty experience with – we represent several companies to provide our customers with diverse options for coverage, meaning there’s one perfect solution tailored just right for their needs! Contact us today.

Commercial package policies are a great way to ensure that your business has protection in case something goes wrong. With options like liability coverage, property damage from accidents or theft of goods at work etc., boiler & machinery loss and other optional coverages- these come with other benefits too! These policies can be customized to your kind of business. BWO Insurance has many customizable options. Get a quote now

We at BWO Insurance understand the importance of commercial property insurance for your business. The purpose is to protect you from accidents and losses, such as fires or thefts that could happen while running errands during off hours; however, it also helps in case something goes wrong with machinery when they’re most vulnerable. With BWO as your guide we can explore a number of options tailored just right according what type(s)of coverage(s), limits/ deductibles are right for your scenario.

Contact one of our commercial property agents today and start protecting your business with confidence today.

There are literally dozens and dozens of situations where liability claims can exceed your commercial or professional liability insurance coverage limits. Liability limits are not enough to cover all of these situations, which is why commercial umbrella insurance can be so helpful. As the owner or operator you know how much your business depends on its ability to function smoothly for years in order make a profit; but what happens if something goes wrong? Commercial umbrella policies provide affordable coverage that could help you stay afloat in these kinds of situations:

A vehicle accident results in injury or death to another driver; your product was found defective causing illness across many people (e.g., food poisoning); someone drinks alcohol at work resulting him/her becoming intoxicated while driving home after dinner.

A commercial liability insurance agent at BWO Insurance can help you identify and control those exposures and review coverage options from several top rated insurance companies. Contact us today to get the right protection for your business.

Cyber Liability Insurance protects your business from a range of loss exposures, including damages due to the theft or introduction of viruses into another company’s network. Although you may not consider your business to be a ‘technology businesses’, if you use email on behalf of yourself as well as others in running your own operations then these risks are still present for Cyber coverages! Risk posed by cyber-related crimes changes quickly and traditional insurances aren’t designed specifically towards this new type which means it’s incredibly important to talk things over with a BWO agent first before making any decisions about how best handle coverage needs. Contact us to get started.

The cost of liability insurance for your business can be hard to swallow. But, as the name suggests – employment practices coverage will provide protection against lawsuits filed by current or former employees based on claims such as sexual harassment (just one example among many), wrongful termination/discipline, wrongful failure to promote or hire; emotional distress discrimination and invasion of privacy. It’s important that you review these areas with an agent at BWO who is familiar not only in what types but also how much each policy might offer before purchasing it because there has been significant growth recently which makes this necessary even more often than usual! Reach out today to get a review.

Workers’ compensation insurance in Wisconsin is an important part of the state’s business landscape. It provides workers and their families with financial protection when they’re injured on-the job, while also helping businesses avoid large expenses by reimbursing them for medical care or lost wages if accidents were caused through negligence on behalf your employees

The best way to ensure that your company has proper coverage. Check with a work comp agent at BWO Insurance to learn if your business is required to carry workers’ compensation insurance and let us explore coverage options for you. Contact BWO to get started.

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