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Commercial Insurance (Business Insurance)

Businesses need commercial auto insurance to protect themselves from the many different risks associated with having a vehicle that is used for business. There are three basic types of coverage: Liability, Physical Damage (which covers damages caused by other people), and Trucking/Specialty Coverage which protects your investment in terms on how you use it! The right kind can save time when dealing specifically with fleets, trucks, cars or motorcycles.

Contact BWO Insurance today to get a free quote and learn about your options for commercial auto insurance that can protect your business from property loss and liability claims…and fit your budget

An insurance policy for your business can be a complicated thing. But at BWO Insurance, we have you covered with our Business Owners Policy that provides the perfect mix of protection and value – just what every small- to medium sized enterprise needs! So if disaster strikes or something goes wrong in this volatile world it comes down to protecting yourself from potential losses as well as keeping up good records so claims don’t piling onto already stressful situations; no one knows them better than us

Insuring your business is a smart move. A Business Owners Policy provides several important coverage protections for: buildings, personal property and liability risks associated with running the company day-to-day to tangible losses. These can be devastating to any small or medium sized enterprise (SME), so it’s crucial that you get a Business Owners Policy customized accordingly. Contact us at BWO Insurance today if interested in getting a quote.
Commercial General Liability insurance protects you and your business from potential claims against any injuries or property damages that might occur in the course of operating a commercial enterprise. Identifying risks is something BWO has plenty experience with – we represent several companies to provide our customers with diverse options for coverage, meaning there’s one perfect solution tailored just right for their needs! Contact us today.

Commercial package policies are a great way to ensure that your business has protection in case something goes wrong. With options like liability coverage, property damage from accidents or theft of goods at work etc., boiler & machinery loss and other optional coverages- these come with other benefits too! These policies can be customized to your kind of business. BWO Insurance has many customizable options. Get a quote now

The purpose of business property insurance is to get your business up and running again quickly after a fire, theft, or other misfortune. What that could mean is repairing your building or replacing inventory, equipment or other business personal property. If you exercise the business interruption option, commercial property insurance can also replace lost income and pay suppliers while your business is being put back together after a covered loss and claim.

Take the guess work out of insuring your business property

BWO Insurance represents several, top rated commercial property insurance companies, so we can review a number of options for your business with different coverage options, limits, deductibles and credits. Contact one of our commercial property agents today and start protecting your business with confidence today.

Standard commercial insurance liability limits should be enough to protect your business from most situations where your business is charged with legal liability for injury or property damage. But it won’t cover those catastrophic lawsuits and judgements that are increasing in frequency. Commercial umbrella insurance provides an affordable layer of excess liability insurance for your business above the limits provided by standard business liability policies and could mean the difference between staying in business or becoming a lawsuit casualty in situations like this:

  • A company employee causes an accident that results in a permanent disability to the driver of the other vehicle.
  • A product you distribute is found to be defective and the cause of illness to multiple people.
  • An employee becomes intoxicated during a business dinner, causes an auto accident and injures a passenger, who is a prospective client.
Excess Business Liability Insurance is Essential

There are literally dozens and dozens of situations where liability claims can exceed your commercial or professional liability insurance coverage limits. A commercial liability insurance agent at BWO Insurance can help you identify and control those exposures and review coverage options from several top rated insurance companies. Contact us today to get the right protection for your business.

Cyber Liability Insurance covers a range of loss exposures including damages due to loss or theft of client data, introducing a virus into another businesses’ network, and email transmitted libel. Your business may not be a ‘technology business’, but if you use technology to run your business – like email, networks, and the web, you have Cyber Liability exposures. Risk posed by cyber exposures changes quickly, and traditional insurance policies are not designed to protect your business from this new threat to your financial welfare. Talk to us about ways we can identify and cover your business’ cyber risks.

This kind of insurance provides insurance against liability for, as the name implies, employment practices. Protection, which will vary from policy to policy, covers a broad range of claims or lawsuits that might be brought by current or former employees or employment candidates. Just a few examples include sexual harassment, wrongful termination or discipline, wrongful failure to promote or hire, emotional distress, discrimination and invasion of privacy. Recent growth in employment practice litigation makes review of employment practices and insurance protection a necessity for most businesses today.

Workers’ compensation insurance in Wisconsin works two ways: it protect your employees and it protects your business. If an employee is injured on the job, work comp insurance will pay for medical care, disability – whether permanent or temporary, and death benefits. If you are found to be liable for employee injury or illness, workers’ compensation can protect you and your business. This type of insurance is often mandatory.

Work comp insurance guidance, options, and competitive quotes

Check with a work comp agent at BWO Insurance to learn if your business is required to carry workers’ compensation insurance and let us explore coverage options for you. As an independent insurance agent, we represent several top rated work comp insurance companies and can get you the right coverage that fits your business insurance budget.

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